The Consolation is among the standard bearers on the Danish scene for americana music. The quintet, which is based in Copenhagen but has members from all over the country, is known from Danish Radio stations P4 and P5 for their infectious and melodious blend of country music and American inspired rock, with songs such as “Portland Girl”, “Manitoba”,” The Heart Of It All” and most recently the single “Heartland“.

The orchestra has also done extensive touring across Denmark, at festivals, regional venues, music associations, cultural centers and music barrooms. That has helped to build a good audience in all corners of the country. In addition, The Consolation’s music has also attracted attention throughout the world, in the wake of concert activity in the United States and Canada.

The band’s sources of inspiration range widely, from country icons like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, to folk rock pioneers like Neil Young, The Band and Bob Dylan, to “heartland” and “blue collar” rock artists like The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

Regardless of the mentioned references The Consolation has its very own sound, which is completely unique to the Danish scene. The band’s music is a melting pot of American music styles, mixed with a distinctive Nordic tone, where melancholy and thoughtfulness often sneak into the catchy songs. The band creates a universe, where home sickness meets outbound yearnings, and where small and big subjects are addressed.

For example, in the radio single “Miss America” (2017), which lead singer and songwriter Nis Gaarde wrote in New York City on the eve of the 2016 election, after playing a show in a club in Harlem. Here you get a sense of a clearly frustrated and ambivalent relationship with the way the United States are headed. “Red, white & blue, you’re not the girl that I once knew …” go the bitter sweet lyrics. In the single “Heartland”, the split between city and country is addressed: “Heartland, heartland, what have we done to you? Your land, my land…” with references to Woody Guthrie’s national hymn from the 1930s.

The band consists of Nis Gaarde (vocals, guitar, banjo, etc.) by Sven Busck Andersen (drums), Jacob Svensson (bass), Rasmus Skov (elguitar) and Uffe Nørtoft (pedalsteel, dobro).

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